Emberstrip® 8PC+

The Embertec Emberplug® 8PC+ is an advanced plugload management device that automatically powers down PC environments that are wasting power – and money – when they are not being used, and turns them back on when they are needed.

It addresses both Active and Standby power wastage. Embertec are pioneers in addressing Active power waste using Active Powerdown® technology

Minimum requirements

  • A Windows PC running Microsoft Windows 7.x, 8.x or 10.x. The Emberstrip 8PC+ is not compatible with Apple computers.
  • An active internet connection.
  • Administration access to the computer. The Emberstrip 8PC+ operates in both Administration and non-Administration accounts once installed.

Tier 2 Advanced Power Strip (Tier 2 APS)

Benefits of Emberstrip® 8PC+

  • Computer peripheral equipment such as monitors, printers and scanners continue to use power, even when turned off. In addition, equipment left on while a computer is hibernating or in standby mode wastes significant amounts of power while on, but not actively being used.
  • The Embertec Emberstrip® 8PC+ addresses all of this energy wastage by detecting when computer peripherals are needed or not, automatically switching them completely off or on as required.

Installing Emberstrip® 8PC+

Spec Sheet

User Manual: English | Spanish

Download PC+ v2.x software.

Compatible version with Windows 10.